EZSpeak: The fast track to an American Accent

EZSpeak is a sophisticated online pronunciation course that allows you to improve your English accent in a fast and easy way to sound like an American.


EZSpeak uses a unique and innovative technology to analyze your English speaking and pronunciation levels and create a personalized lesson plan specifically for you, according to your abilities and needs.


  • Build your confidence - obtain practical knowledge that will change the way you speak English forever and eliminate your insecurity in conversations.
  • Fast and effective -a teaching method based on the Pareto principle. 20% of your effort will already give you 80% of the effect, allowing you to see impressive results very fast.
  • Flexibility - You are not restricted to a specific place or time. You can manage your own lesson schedule according to your free time and from wherever you want.
  • Efficient learning - EZSpeak adapts to your current level of pronunciation and provides you with feedback throughout the way.
  • User experience - each lesson is brief, easy and engaging, with interactive graphics and videos. EZSpeak simulates a real interactive conversation and adapts the whole experience to your own personal pace.

Practicing with EZSpeak is fast, efficient and even fun!

Try EZSpeak for FREE to see for yourself and experience the benefits.