EzSpeak: The Easy Way to Speak English

EzSpeak is a unique web-based pronunciation course which allows you to practice spoken English.

The EzSpeak analyzes your pronunciation for each phoneme (sound) and determines in which areas you need the most help. It will then create a personalized lesson plan for you.

Practicing with EzSpeak is fast, efficient and fun!

Try EzSpeak for FREE and experience its effectiveness first-hand.

Benefits of EzSpeak

  • Unique methodology - EzSpeak incorporates speech training with teaching the phonemic rules of correct pronunciation. Each lesson is dedicated to one phoneme (sound) and helps you improve your speaking skills easily.
  • Efficiency - EzSpeak helps you improve sounds that are your weakest at the very beginning of the course.
  • Inspiring confidence - Gain many hours of speech training in private, computerized lessons, continuously building your confidence.
  • Personalization - EzSpeak analyzes your individual accent and builds the course plan according to your personalized needs.
  • Adaptive feedback - EzSpeak adapts to your current level and positive feedback is always within reach.
  • Short and to the point - Brief, interactive multimedia lessons.
  • User experience - Each lesson is easy and engaging. During the dialogue, you have an intelligent, multi-path conversation with the virtual teacher, navigating the conversation by choosing your responses.